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About us

Our products build on hundreds of years of traditional beauty secrets from around the world.

The peony is beautiful but still needs a strong stalk for support

– Chinese proverb

Our Story

Blessix is an award-winning Estonian beauty brand that creates and produces luxurious skin, body and hair care products. We bring together premium ingredients including natural minerals, plant oils and indulgent extracts to produce highly effective solutions.

We use organic and traditional ingredients, which have been effective since ancient times. In developing our recipes we work together with a researcher and Doctor of Chemistry at Tallinn University of Technology and renowned European technologists and microbiologists. In the process of creating our products, we consult with beauty therapists and professional hairdressers to achieve the best results.

At Blessix we have brought together influences from traditions, science and alternative medicine.

In developing the products we were mindful of the blending of civilizations, the pervasive artificial world and the growing despair for pure earth and nature.

Blessix is inspired by oriental philosophy. Using this influence, we combine gold with silver from the earth’s crust, healing minerals, exotic plant extracts and magic scents from the world, all blended together with pure love.

This is how Blessix was born – by travelling around the world.

No one can stop time, but we can do a lot to lessen the effect that the passage of time has on our appearance and well-being. Age may be only a device for measuring the acquisition of experience and wisdom. A woman deserves to be pampered at any age. Taking a peaceful moment in our busy lives and investing it in nurturing our bodies is how we keep our beauty aligned and in harmony.

Sigrid Keskküla
Founder of Blessix


“I’m not going to wake up one morning and realise that it is too late to take care of my beauty and appearance. Therefore, I use on a daily basis the vast possibilities offered by the world of beauty to maintain my youth and vitality, whenever possible. One of my favourites is definitely Blessix’s gold-worthy products.”

Anu Saagim
Journalist, Businesswoman


Blessix products are simply fantastic. The eye contour gel has noticeably reduced the appearance of small wrinkles around my eyes. The Gold Cream has increased my skin tone, evened up the structure and leaves my skin with a beautiful golden shimmer. Hair Silk is a completely irreplaceable product for coloured and damaged hair! It makes my hair silky smooth and easy to brush, untangling it even after swimming in the sea (which is the worst for my hair). I am very happy to be able to pamper my skin with the super effective beauty products of Blessix and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone.


Tiina Jantson
Director of Sixtina Fashion and Dance School

That’s what it’s like with Blessix gold creams – if you are using them then I can almost guarantee that you will be like me and praise them whenever possible. And of course, the Hair Silk! My poor hair has been through so much in the last year, so it is good to know that something that smells so good can also be amazing for my hair. Both in cold Estonia and under the hot sun on holidays.


Mariann Treimann
Blogger (Mallukas)

People have been complimenting me on my pregnant glow but it’s really my Blessix Silk and Shine Cream and Primer. I was looking for a natural product without extra chemicals that might be harmful to my baby. I recommend using their products as they are natural. Will continue to use even after my baby’s birth since it keeps my face blemish free and clear.


Triinu Akimseu
Mrs.Worldwide 2017

I am just absolutely delighted with Blessix products and praise them all! I have tried them all and use now on a daily basis. The consistency is so rich and natural! My complexion has become brighter and the face skin smoother. My special favourite is the Blessix Gold Cream. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.


Viktoria Borgmann
Estonian Miss 2017

Recognition and Awards for Blessix products

Blessix has won and been nominated for many different awards. We have also been covered by different TV shows.

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