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Blessix Imperial Collection

Why choose Blessix Imperial?

Blessix Imperial products are created in collaboration with scientists and beauty therapists, providing anti-aging skincare made using the world’s finest minerals and plant oils. Extensive research and development has lead us to the conception of our luxurious skincare collection. The nanotechnological composition of the formulation improves the intake of active ingredients thereby significantly enhancing their effect.


Blessix Imperial products are free from parabens, mineral oils and petroleum by-products.


All the Imperial collection products feature delightfully fresh scents due to the carefully selected essential oils used in the range. Products are formulated using nanotechnology to best deliver the highly concentrated active ingredients, peptides, and vegetable seed oils in order to ensure the highest effectiveness. The Imperial collection contains a product suitable for every skin type.

Blessix Imperial products are only available through authorised distributors and resellers or via our online shop.

Products have not been tested on animals

When you buy our products you can be absolutely certain that they have not been tested on animals.

We do not use any mineral oils

Our products are free from mineral oils, petrochemicals and paraffin.

No parabens have been used in our products

Most mass market cosmetic brands use harmful parabens as a preservative, but we absolutely do not. It does mean a slightly shorter shelf-life, but it is important not to introduce this harmful carcinogenic preservative into our bodies.

100% plant oils

There are no animal by-products at all in our ranges. This also means that all products are suitable for vegans.

Minerals from the crust of the Earth

In our products we use beneficial minerals which aid healing and have been used in beauty treatments for thousands of years.

Natural peptides

Different natural peptides and their compounds can accelerate skin’s natural collagen and elastin synthesis.

Essential Oils

All the products feature delightfully fresh scents due to the carefully selected essential oils used in the range.

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