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Blessix Face Moisturizing Micellar Water


Blessix Face Moisturizing Micellar Water removes makeup, cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, elasticizes and smoothes skin. It contains sodium hyaluronate which prevents transepidermal water loss. It’s an active ingredient with moisturizing, protective and anti-ageing properties. Pro-vitamin B5 acts as antioxidant, reduces harmful effects of free radicals and improves blood circulation. The liquid contains vitamins PP, A, E, F and lactic acid which strongly moisturizes skin.

  • for dry and normal skin
  • odorless
  • has optimal skin pH (5.5)
  • doesn’t contain SLES or SLS, allergens, parabens

Product intended for dry and normal skin

Apply the appropriate amount of liquid on a cotton pad and wipe your face until it’ll be completely cleansed. Can be applied after use of face cleansing gel to restore the skin’s appropriate pH. For everyday use.

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