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Eyelash Growth Serum 6ml


We all dream of beautiful long lashes and it is possible to achieve this without resorting to artificial eye lashes. Eyelash lengthening is possible by following a regular programme of consistent care and maintenance using our natural eye lash serum to stimulate growth and recovery: making your own lashes thicker, stronger and longer.

The product formula is safe and based on natural ingredients. The vitamin complex A + E + F supports the whole process: Vitamin A stimulates the production of keratin (the key protein found in all hair), which is responsible for the recovery of damaged lashes. Vitamin E accelerates the keratinization process and strengthens lashes. An oil that contains 80% of ricinoleic acids and triglycerides supports the process of the lash and eyebrow restoration and leaves them protected and stronger.


  • Restores, strengthens and cares
  • Nourishes and moisturizes the eyelashes at the root level
  • Accelerates growth of lashes and eyebrows
  • Strengthens and increases the density of the structure of lashes and brows
  • Scent free
  • This product does not contain preservatives or dyes

Remove mascara. Apply a small amount of the Eyelash Serum directly to the root of your upper lash line and massage in using a cotton bud. Take care to not get the serum into your eyes. Recommended regular use after your skincare routine in the evenings for 2 to 3 months. After this to maintain the effect use 2-3 times a week. Also suitable for use on eyebrows. Provides a beautiful glossy and protective layer for both lashes and eyebrows. You will see an improvement after only 7 days of using the serum; your lashes will have grown longer after using for 1 month; the full effects will be visible following 2-3 months of regular use. Improves and nourishes the root meaning that subsequent new hair growth will be stronger, denser, longer, darker and healthier.

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