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Keratin Hair Mask 250g


NEW KERATIN MASK! Effective hair mask with keratin and vitamins protects, improves and strengthens the hair structure. Suitable for damaged or weak hair that needs to be restored and nourished. The product contains hydrolyzed keratin, an active element that reaches deep into the hair roots. With continued use, the hair structure will visibly improve looking brilliant and healthy. Suitable for dry, thin hair structure and especially for blonde hair.

After use, the conditioning mask leaves the hair deeply moisturized making it easy to comb.

Hair condition is constantly influenced by hair treatments and procedures: dyeing, bleaching, continuous straightening, curling, hair drying all take their toll on our hair.

Blonde and highlighted hair is particularly delicate and tends to be finer, more fragile and prone to split ends. These hair types are weak and require additional strengthening or reinforcement by adding keratin rather than just moisturizing.

What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural, non-chemical protein, which is a key component of our hair and our nails. Keratin is formed from combined amino acids and gives the hair an external protective layer, improving and softening it. If the outer layer of the keratin becomes damaged, it will result in faded and lifeless looking hair. The situation can be improved by healthy diets and using keratin-containing hair care products.

You can get keratin care at home

As an alternative to visiting the hairdressing salon, we offer Keratin Spray and Keratin Hair Mask that strengthen, moisturize and nourish the hair deeply. Keratin care tames curly hair and makes coarse hair silky and soft. Suitable for coarse and heat damaged hair.

Hydrolyzed keratin
Calcium compounds
Vitamins B8, H, A, and E.
This mask has additionally rich nutrients such as almond oil, shea butter, and lactic acid, which also help to significantly improve the structure of your scalp.

Apply enough mask to clean hair and scalp. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm or cool water. Repeat procedure 2-3 times a week. For even better results use in combination with the protective Hair Silk spray.

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