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It’s called a travel beach shade, sunshade or personal cabana. It is a lightweight beach tent you can set best running shoes up easily anywhere. It’s great for storing gear, changing clothes when you need privacy and napping, or sitting in the shade.

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  • Most of the tents we look at have UPF 50+, though a few have UPF 30+ protection.
  • It felt like every 10 minutes I got up to make sure she was covered in her tiny blanket even though she was wearing two layers of fleece pajamas.
  • We love how well ventilated the iCorer Pop Up Tent is and with the 6 metal stakes you can secure it down properly for those windy beach days.
  • From hammocks, swings, and beverage containers to patio furniture, firepits and backyard accessories.
  • Aesthetic Yellow is a perfectly balanced yellow shade that’s just a touch more demure than some of yellow’s louder hues.

Consider the materials the sun tent is made of and whether it will be able to withstand windy weather and general wear and tear. Choose a high-quality, durable product to avoid having to buy a new baby beach tent each year. There’s nothing better than a family day at the beach, but if the weather is too warm, or it starts to rain, sometimes you want to get the little ones under a beach shelter or beach tent.

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There are 5 sand pockets, 8 steel stakes, and 4 ropes for securing the tent on surfaces ranging from sand to dirt and grass. With a little practice, you will be able to set up a tent in a matter of minutes. Forget unstable structure and time-consuming installation – with Glymnis portable beach tent, you don’t have to make any sacrifices. It’s automated to the max, which allows you to sit back and relax while reading a book instead of spending half an hour trying to figure out how to stabilize it.

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All you need is four sturdy foraged sticks, two of which are taller than the others, to create that slope of shade. Not to mention, your shelter will look real pretty against the scenic backdrop of Fort Tilden wilderness. We know anything DIY can be intimidating, especially for those of us who’d rather peruse PINT-erest than Pinterest (get it? like pint of beer?). While seeking examples of do it yourself beach encampments, we checked out how the crazy kids at Fort Tilden do it . As with the beach brolly story, the take home message is that shade alone doesn’t always cut it.


However, look for the certified ultraviolet protection label for the added bonus. Light and easy is the name of the game with this large sun shelter. And that whole thing weighs less than 5 pounds and stores in a case about half the size of a bag of golf clubs. While many of them are made from nylon and other synthetic fibers, they might not keep out rain or particularly erratic spray from nearby waves. Try to purchase one that’s labeled as waterproof; otherwise, you can check the manufacturer’s guide to see if you can DIY the waterproofing yourself with a bit of spray. Think about how much you want to spend on a tent—typically, the more features, the more expensive they are.

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Consider an umbrella-style tent if you need something that can handle wind, and hold a few more adults. Enjoy beach day while keeping your little ones safe with the Monobeach Baby Beach Tent. Designed for children ages 3 and under, the tent features a mini pool, allowing your baby to still play in the water without stepping foot on shore. Better yet, its zippered curtain and UPF 50+ protection ensures coverage from harmful UV rays. This 86 x 57 x 47-inch tent still packs a punch with size, as it’s spacious enough for three to four people. Along with UPF 50+ sun protection, the tent is made with water-resistant and anti-UV material.

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In a presently preferred aspect, the collapsible shelter has four sides and four corners. Legs 38 are typically provided at each corner to support the canopy. In a preferred aspect, the awning shade portion includes left and right side sleeves for receiving the left and right awning support arms, respectively.